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Introduction   Aim

Runners Without Borders(RWB) plans and manages several natural marathon races. Now it is said that in Japan there are over 20 million people whose hobby is running. The categories of runners include everyday jogger, triathlon participator etc.The latest trend for runners to choose races is not only just for running, but also running in peculiar geographic environment, tracing the History, or communicating with the local people.

There are over 100 nature races held a year all over the world, and runners who get daily exercise can finish many races. However, nowadays there is still few information available in Japan, and such information is not broadly known by runners. RWB provides the information of races which general runners can easily participate.

The aim of RWB is to facilitate the development of nature race on a global scale and appeal for joy and venerableness to running in the natural environment. And RWB also would like to make social contribution through this new kind of sports. RWB aims to regain an natural environment that runners can freely enjoy races.

The introduction of races
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